Holistic Holidays

'Heal the healer' sharing retreat week

waterfall holisticAre you a therapist or healer?  Join Karen for a week of peace, quiet and healing.  This retreat is facilitated at minimum cost - you pay for your accomodation and commit to share your skills with the other guests.  This may take the form of a 1-2-1 treatment, a regular daily class or workshops  for all the other guests.  The Villa has a lounge suitable for workshops and an air conditioned studio for more physical activities.

Give yourself permission to take a holiday for one glorious week in our peaceful Villa.  Make the commitment to yourself, and the details will fall into place!

Contact Karen  to register your interest and for information about dates and costs.


'Rest and recuperation' retreat week

meditate in AmosTake a week away with a group of like-minded people in beautiful natural surroundings on the edge of the traditional Turkish village of Turunc. 

Enjoy gentle workshops designed and facilitated by Karen, drawing on her experience of over 20 years in holistic therapies and meditation, to help you shed unwanted negativity from your life.  Whether gathered over a short period of time or an entire lifetime, this is the perfect chance to gently change your life. Relax in the peaceful environment of our luxury Villa and nurture the empowered and self-motivated being you truly are.

Our week will include group workshops, meditations, laughter, tears, healing and friendship.

It will also be a holiday!  Trips may include visits to an ancient sacred tree,   a perfect natural waterfall, and an ancient temple site (where we can meditate as a group.)  We will make a visit to the local Shaman at his sanctuary on the peninsula (provided he is in residence.) We may take a boat trip to beautiful bays with crystal clear emerald waters (where you can swim if you choose)! 

Some meals will be fresh, simple local food, eaten with the group, but you will be free to explore some of the delightful and inexpensive local restaurants or cater for yourself too.

Extra trips can be arranged to the local Turkish baths, or our local expert will guide you on a walk through the stunning countryside, sharing his knowledge of the local natural habitat.  Take time to relax and unwind – and remember your true self.

May in Turunc is one of the most beautiful times, where it is easy to commune with all the elements.  There is an almost constant gentle breeze, which rustles the leaves of the vibrant spring growth; the sun brings its warming fire energy; the glorious Mediterranean Sea is clearly visible from all our balconies; the bay of Turunc is surrounded by the strong, earthy mountains on all sides.  All these elements contribute to a perfect healing environment.

Alternatively you might like to join us in late September, when the sea is warm and inviting and the weather just a little cooler than in the high summer season.

 Plan your own retreat!

If you would like to run your own retreat, contact me!