Local Flora & Fauna

forested turuncThe whole area of Turunc and Marmaris is bounded by National Forest where nature lovers can explore the stunning local flora and fauna. 
There are many delightful walks in the area and some of the local people will offer walks and tours with a wealth of local information.


 Sea squill
The Spring flowers are spectacular- many are familiar, but there are some rarities.   We counted over 60 different plants in our garden alone!  All through the summer, despite the heat, mother nature produces a colourful display, and there are also some suprises even as late as October when the Sea squill flowers start to appear.









wtaerfall 2Early in the season there is a waterfall which leads into a small stream which you can hear gently flowing from the balconies of the Villa. The more adventurous may like to climb the rocks to the top of the waterfall (although there is a path to the first level). Aside from the thrill of climbing the diversity of plant life is extraordinary.





Later in the year you will see hundreds of bee hives.  A local speciality, the honey they produce comes from specific plants such as thyme or pine, and each has a very individual flavour.
rog tortoise
Keep a look out for tortoises of all sizes, lizards and if you are really lucky, you may see a porcupine or wild boar. (We saw a mother boar and her baby  - she was huge!) This year, for the first time we spotted local hedgehogs and squirrels and at 4am on the road into the village a porcupine.

The local goats and chicken will watch you from a distance, but disappear quickly if approached!

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